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2D Virtual Wind Tunnel

MicroCFD analyzes 2D and axisymmetric subsonic, transonic, and supersonic flow (Mach 0.1 to 10) over multi-element configurations on a Cartesian cut-cell mesh. Flow visualization is provided through color maps of local Mach number, density, pressure, and temperature, including streamline plots. An aerodynamic force line instantly reveals the center of pressure of any configuration.

MicroCFD can model vehicles in ground effect through a 2D simulation of flow along their centerline. Bodies of revolution such as spherical projectiles, bullets, space capsules, or rocket nozzles are tested in axisymmetry mode. Airfoil cascades can be set up for compressor or turbine blade profile analysis, and both supersonic ramp and spike inlets can be modeled. The free nanoCAD allows for easy geometry creation and DWG / DXF imports.

MicroCFD runs a boundary layer modeled, viscous, compressible flow solver for high Reynolds number flow with turbulent wakes, which can capture both steady and moving shock waves. A solution is marched in time from an impulsive start and converges to steady or periodic state within an hour on a system with minimum requirements. Systems with multi-core processors or CUDA enabled NVIDIA graphics cards will complete a test in minutes.

MicroCFD runs on Microsoft Windows via simple "point and click" operations, which are outlined in an easy-to-follow tutorial. A two-part narrated instructional video shows its simplicity. The software has been validated through experimental data in 2D (NACA airfoil) and axisymmetric (G7 bullet) flow studies and has been put to the test by a diverse number of clients in academia, government, and industry.

MicroCFD is available in two editions. The free educational edition of the Virtual Wind Tunnel has a flow resolution of 800x600 (480,000) cells, whereas the professional edition runs at 1250x800 tunnel resolution (1 million cells) for more accurate results. The professional edition can run multiple tests in a batch and generate text files of all the aerodynamic data and surface properties; it comes with a 14-day trial period.


2D VWT Preview (159KB)