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Software Download

INSTALLATION: The software will install on Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 and may require administrative privileges. Any "File in Use" notifications during the installation can be ignored. For GPU support, you may need to update your NVIDIA CUDA driver.

REGISTRATION: If you do not provide a valid email address during trial registration, the licensing mail server will be unable to deliver your activation link, and thus you will not be able to activate your trial license and use the software.

RUN-TIME: While the Virtual Wind Tunnel is running a test, the application may appear to freeze occasionally, depending on other operating system or user tasks. Upon completion of the test, if not sooner, the application will return to normal.


MicroCFD 2D Virtual Wind Tunnel  Version 1.9

Educational Edition:  2d-edu-19.exe   (2864 kB)

Professional Edition:  2d-pro-19.exe   (3164 kB)


MicroCFD 3D Virtual Wind Tunnel  Version 1.2

Installation Program:  3d-vwt-12.exe   (3488 kB)

Instructional Video:  3d-vwt-intro.mp4   (641411 kB)


MicroCFD 2D Shape File Plug-in  Version 1.0

Download the free nanoCAD software.

Add the shape file (257 kB)


MicroCFD STL File Viewer  Version 1.2

Installation Program:   stl12.exe   (2492 kB)

STL Sample Files:   (17401 kB)