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News & History

2022.10.01   MicroCFD releases STL File Viewer V1.2 supporting grayscale facets.
2022.06.01   Space Plane Corporation runs MicroCFD 3D Virtual Wind Tunnel.
2022.03.10   MicroCFD releases 3D Virtual Wind Tunnel V1.2 supporting batch runs.
2020.04.30   ITO ranks Dr. Rohde among 10 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2020.
2019.07.11   CIO Applications ranks MicroCFD among Top 10 Simulation Providers.
2018.08.01   MicroCFD releases 3D Virtual Wind Tunnel V1.1.
2015.06.01   MicroCFD releases 2D Virtual Wind Tunnel V1.9.
2014.07.01   MicroCFD releases its 3D Virtual Wind Tunnel.
2012.12.12   MicroCFD releases a free STL File Viewer.
2012.10.08   Pointwise CEO interviews Axel Rohde of MicroCFD.
2012.08.01   MicroCFD V1.8 supports multi-core CPU and CUDA GPU.
2001.09.15   MicroCFD V1.2 runs an Assembly coded flow solver.
2001.07.24   MicroCFD becomes a USPTO registered trademark.
2001.01.24   MicroCFD makes its online debut with a 2D VWT.